Hopefully Heading Home Soon

Right now our plan is to go home on Friday. We roomed in last night, which means we slept at the hospital with Nathan in the room. The idea was that we were simulating real life and doing all his care with a nurse’s supervision. It wasn’t quite real life because every four hours our nurse brought us warm milk. Wouldn’t that be nice every night at home!?

For the first part of the evening we had a fussy kiddo but he later calmed down and slept from 2 to 6 am. Part of our challenge right now is learning how to feed him on this new kangaroo pump. We are trying to push through as much milk as possible so as not to waste breast milk. But also trying to not give him air bubbles. It’s not a perfect system.

A couple of days ago we extended his time between feeds from every three hours to every four. His volume per feed increased but his overall volume decreased. This makes him very irritable about an hour before his feed. No fun for any of us! He’s also losing weight right now so we have to get his volumes straightened out before we go home.

I constantly have to let go of the way I would feed him if this was a normal scenario – I would nurse him on demand. Nothing about this G tube feeding comes naturally to me, but hopefully soon we’ll figure out something that works well for him. It’s clearly not about me.

Overall, I think we are pretty well trained on the kangaroo pump. Here’s his picture after my very first G tube feed.

Rooming in. I like how his eyes are peering out as if to tell us that he’s not going to sleep for us.

Night-night Nathan.

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