Happy Valentimes Day!

It’s almost “Valentimes” Day and M couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been passing the time by making hearts. Lots of hearts. I took the easy route and put another one of the large post-it papers on my pantry door like I did at Thanksgiving. For this holiday we’re calling the project “What I Love About You.” Everyone in our family has been writing hearts to each other. Each heart says something they love about the other person.

My favorites are of course from M:

“Daddy, I love that you are so hopeful for me.”

“I love Mommy because you are so cute and pretty too.”

“Jesus, I love all of God’s power.”

So tomorrow is the big day. Big for M since it’s Valentimes Day and big for G and me because we will hopefully find out what’s next, or not, for N’s spine.

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