Happy St. Patricks Day!

This is not my holiday. After I married my name became very Irish sounding, Kathleen McClelland. I’m not though. No Irish blood. I know nothing of the history of this holiday or what we’re supposed to be celebrating. my husband is though. And thanks to my in-laws, all of my guys have St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts.

M loves any holiday, because to him it is a chance to celebrate. So we made peanut butter cookies (What? I told you I’m not Irish!) and tried to eat lots of foods that are green. That meant trying to persuade M that you eat green beans and spinach on St. Patrick’s Day. It didn’t go over well. He did suck down a green smoothie this morning though.

N had a particularly good day. This time I was quick enough to pull out the camera while he was still smiling. You might not think he’s expressing much in this video but if you knew him as well as we do then you would know this video is a big deal.

All in all a great St. Patrick’s Day for someone who hasn’t celebrated it much.

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