Happy Birthday Big Kid!

Happy 5th Birthday Big Kid!


You are full of energy and up for almost anything. I love that you are willing to try new things and make new friends. You approach everything with a positive attitude and lots of gusto. Your enthusiasm will allow you to prioritize having a good time, even when the responsibilities of life threaten to take away your fun.


You are smart and catch on to things quickly. I enjoy watching you absorb all of the things you are learning at school, especially your aptitude for math and the ability to discern between fiction and non-fiction. Your memory is incredibly long. That means you are quick to remind me of promises I made you, but you can also easily memorize your Bible verses for school. Having those truths planted in your heart, will serve you well right when you need it.

You care deeply about people and animals that are hurting. You want to make sure that they are going to be okay. I see compassion in you even though you are still an ego-centric preschooler who has a hard time sharing. You will have to fight against being selfish, because we all do, but I know that deep down you are compelled to act on behalf of those in need.


I’m so proud of you. I must tell you this a lot because occasionally you’ll tell me, “I’m proud of you Mommy. Good job.”

But really, the “Good Job!” goes to you Mac. You couldn’t be any better at being you than you already are. So keep up the good work and live fully out of all the ways God made you.

I love you Mac,



P.S. You surprised me with your school birthday treat request. I thought after the birthday cake fail I was going to just buy cupcakes for the class but you had us both baking brownies. Always keeping me on my toes, my boy!

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