Goodbye May

I could not let the month of May go without mentioning a couple of other significant things. First was my birthday. It was a really great day. my husband sent me to Starbucks by myself in the morning so I had time to read and enjoy my chai without listening to a whining toddler. Then we went garage sale-ing.

Other May Memories…

On May 19th, my husband and I reminisced about getting engaged four years ago on Lake Michigan. In some ways it seems like yesterday and others sooo much has happened. I think back and we had no idea what was ahead of us – job loss, moving cross country, health problems, losing a baby, having a baby. It’s been a lot. I’m not the same person. My heart has softened a lot and maybe I’m a bit less self-protective. I’m less restless and striving. Overall I’m more open to God. I don’t surrender my sense of control easily but I am much more willing to step closer and walk in the one true Way.

Finally, May 28th marked the two year mark of my pulmonary embolism. I will never ever forget that day. Though I had a scare earlier in the month, I do feel like I’m further and further away from ever having an event like that again. Well…except we got another hospital bill. Yes, two years later. I sooo would like to be over that part too!

For many, January 1st marks the start of a new year. My new start is May. So many new beginnings have happened for me in May. Although I don’t have any resolutions, I am eager to see what awaits us in the journey ahead this year.

Happy New Year in May!

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