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I was asked to write on the topic of sleep for last quarter. I do not consider myself a sleep expert. I consider myself a mom who is very concerned about everyone in our house getting a good amount of sleep, including me. So I tend to be pretty strict about Nathan’s sleep schedule and I have a lot of rules around Mac and bedtime. However, doing those things does not always guarantee good sleep. Don’t get me wrong the boys really do very well and we are rarely up in the night these days. But one night recently Nathan’s feeding tube came unattached. We discovered it after we fed the bed, and not him. Everything was sopping wet. And Mac has been coming down from end-of-year school activities and having a hard time falling asleep. I think it’s mostly because he’s procrastinating. He’ll call, “Mommy, Mommy, I need something!” When you ask “What?” he says, “Umm, umm, umm…” Yeah, didn’t expect to get that far did you bud?

So we’ve been a little off around here lately. I am reminded that putting kids to bed is not a race, though there may be hang-ups and lingering along the way and it’s hard not to push them toward the goal. The goal being down time for mom and dad. Bedtime is about soothing. It’s about coming down from your day. Together. Processing all that happened. For Mac, listening to what was important to him. For Nathan, taking time to look in his eyes and tell him all the wonderful parts of the day. And to pray. Pray for the grace to sleep and the strength to do it all again tomorrow.

So this post is a mishmash of all the tips and strategies I found from the experts over the years. But the biggest tip I want to pass on is linger a little longer in their bed before shutting off the light. And see if you just may get one more extra glimpse of grace for your day.

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