Good Morning!

It’s going to be a good day. Just look at this little face! We are still waiting for Nathan’s very first social smile. (Or, maybe I should more accurately say we are obsessing over when and if Nathan is going to smile at us anytime soon.)

Anyway, we got these sweet little pictures of him yawning this morning. Kid may not full on smile yet but every day his eye contact and generally good disposition amazes me. He’s such a good baby. It’s like witnessing a miracle every time I fully grasp how intently he’s looking at me.

Disclaimer: Sorry they are all sideways. You may need to cock your head to fully appreciate them. I can’t seem to rotate them on my phone. If you’re wondering how I have any time at all to post, it’s because I’m doing it from my phone while holding a sleeping baby. I may get that carpal tunnel thing in my thumb soon. 😉

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