God’s Provision

I can’t let the year end without telling the story of this necklace. I have long wanted to post about it but haven’t found the right words. Many of you may know the story better than I do.

A few weeks after N was born two of my girlfriends came to us and asked our permission to do a “Pearls of Love” fundraiser. We were anticipating huge medical bills after N’s two month long NICU stay. my husband wasn’t working regularly and had already burned through his PTO. We were hesitant. I was also proud and didn’t want any help. The beautiful thing is that we didn’t ask. These two dear friends wanted to take on this “Pearls of Love” project and bless us in spite of ourselves.

We reluctantly said, “Okay…if you want to.” I don’t know all the details of Peals of Love because these two created a secret Facebook page that my husband and I didn’t have access to. All I know is that people were asked to purchase a pearl (or multiple pearls) if they wanted. The money would be given to us and Dawn would make a necklace that would later be given to me.

Not long after this project started, every time I would see one of them they would hand me a check.


I still don’t know what to say about it.

“Thank you” doesn’t even express the extent of my gratitude and appreciation. It was, and still is, completely humbling.

At N’s baby dedication Dawn presented me with this necklace. It wasn’t just a necklace with a few pearls on it, it is a whole strand of pearls. It’s really long y’all.

And it represents God’s provision to me.

Every time the fear of the future creeps in, I look at this necklace or reach up to touch it as a reminder of how good God is. How He will take care of our family and this little boy He’s entrusted us with.

The inner necklace was a baby shower gift also from Dawn. The two pearls represent M and N – my two little peas in a pod.

If you’d like to see more of Dawn’s creations, you can visit her Etsy Shop. Unfortunately, it’s too late for last minute Christmas orders. However, you can also read about her work in Uganda and there is still time to order gifts through Project Hopeful and celebrate Life with a Purpose.

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