Fun Friday Video and Urodynamics Update

First off let’s hear it for the big brother. He earned his master gold belt in karate last night. In case you don’t recognize him, look for the most enthusiastic student in the front row.

Now I’m not going to post a video of Nathan’s urodynamics study yesterday. Just imagine too many catheters and tape in all the wrong places. I am so pleased that the pressures in his bladder seem to be normal because that makes our decision to not regularly cath him (as in every three hours) so much easier. If his bladder pressures remain normal, there’s less of a chance of more kidney damage due to reflux.

He is still having urine reflux up into both of his kidneys, however. The tiny kidney has grade five reflux (the highest) and the functioning kidney is grade one (the lowest). The functioning kidney made a big improvement since he was in the NICU when it was graded a four. Since the tiny kidney had only had 11 percent function when we tested it several months ago, our expectation is that it will continue to decline and therefore cathing him to protect the tiny one is so not worth the daily torture to both Nathan and me. We are going to trust God with the functioning kidney and no further damage.

The next step is to take him off prophylactic antibiotics next year and see if he develops an infection. If he does, we will need to talk about surgery. Surgery to stop the reflux either by repairing the ureter or taking out the tiny kidney all together.

And that’s a medical decision for another day.

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