Fun for a Four-Year-Old

“The hospital is fun!”

That’s what my four-year-old belted out in the hallways of IMC yesterday. I frantically looked around to see if anyone heard his enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for a place others may have the complete opposite reaction to.

It is fun for him. There’s a library with not just books but coloring pages. There are Healing Gardens which are like outside parks for him to run and jump and be loud. There’s a cafeteria with pepperoni pizza. (He gets it every time.) A gift shop with lots of cool toys “we should buy.” Sculptures he can touch. Elevator buttons to push. And most importantly ambulances and a helicopter. When you are a boy, that is the best of the best right there.

My parents bring him down in the evenings to see us. He walks the halls like he owns this place. The people he meets play into the whole experience for him. The Child Life Specialist who worked with him last fall made him a badge that says, “Dr. M.” He wears it proudly and pretends that it allows him access to “special doctor hallways.” The other day my husband was using his badge to open doors and M said, “Daddy, your badge is powerful!”

Looks like we will be leaving this “fun” place either today or tomorrow. Right now we are working on weaning N off his meds and getting is feed volumes back up to normal. We should know the departure plan sometime late this afternoon.

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