Frog Baby

I don’t know if y’all have noticed in pictures before but N has a hard time keeping his legs straight. He likes to bend his knees and flex his hips like he’s a newborn baby. I call him frog baby. He doesn’t use his legs all that well. Though the implications of him not extending his legs make me worry at times, it also makes me laugh to look at these photos. He’s always good for some super cute pictures.

The bent knees and hips are especially pronounced in pajamas because his legs disappear up inside.

When I put him in a jumpy chair he sorta hangs there. And if I leave him in too long he pulls his knees up to his chest and starts crying. I have no picture to show you because by the time it got to that point I was feeling so bad for him that I had to get him out at once and comfort him. It was quite a sight.

The nurse practitioner at the neurosurgery office asked us a lot of questions about how he uses his legs. I can’t help but wonder, “Maybe surgery will help our frog baby?”

As an aside: N caught a cold this week. G and I both feel like we’re coming down with it too. The doctors are holding out out until Tuesday to make a decision as whether or not it’s a good idea to operate. I am having a hard time thinking of pushing it back because there are so many moving pieces in place but also don’t want him super sick and recovering. Please pray for God’s timing with N’s surgery and that I would have peace with when it happens.

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