Friends with Fridge Rights

You know the kind I’m talking about. Friends so comfortable in your home that they help themselves to whatever is in your fridge. Friends that care on the level of family. The ones who love you in spite of your quirks and ask the hard questions really wanting to know the answers. We have made several “fridge rights” friends in Austin over the past five years but some of our oldest ones from Chicago came to visit this past weekend.

I absolutely love these girls.

They came to serve us. I was hoping for lots of good connection time with them and really they gave us so much more. They entertained a high energy preschooler, held a sweet baby, prepared meals, dragged us out of the house, urged me to take a nap, and listened to us talk a LOT. We laughed so hard on Friday night. I don’t think that I have really had that kind of belly laugh since N was born. It felt so, so good. We also enjoyed two very relaxing dinners at home with kids already in bed. Heaven.

I feel more refreshed as I head into the rest of my week. Weekends haven’t been weekends lately. They’ve been opportunities to get more done when I have my husband’s help with the boys. This was truly a weekend where my to do list got set aside. The priority was being present in relationships – with “fridge rights” friends who are good for my soul.

This is us in Austin in February 2008. When I was still living in Chicago we randomly decided to take a trip to Austin for a girls weekend. (Those were the days of freedom.) Before my husband and I ever entertained the idea of moving, I visited the city which would become our home less than a year later. We moved in October 2008.

PS The photo credit for the first two pictures goes to M. He’s really becoming quite the photographer. More on his new hobby later.

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