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Divide and conquer.

That’s how my husband and I have been surviving lately. Good thing there’s two of us for two of them. And when it comes to other responsibilities we divide those up pretty well too.

The problem is that it allows for very little family time. At the end of the day we plop into bed exhausted, having barely had a real conversation with the the other person, we turn out the lights and do it all over again the next day.

Last weekend we found a hobby that works well for our family. It doesn’t involve eating, which is critical because one child can’t eat and the other often refuses to eat, but hey that’s another post for another time. Boys love adventures and getting dirty and running wild. my husband and I love being outside in God’s creation. So our new found family activity is hiking.

M is much more agile and strong on his feet that even a year ago. It makes climbing rocks and crossing streams lots of fun. N is not acting as much like a newborn and at sixteen pounds not yet too heavy to wear in a baby carrier. He enjoys being outside.

I realize as I say this that it may not be a lifelong hobby for us if N is never able to walk or walk well. But it’s so right where we’re at in this season, especially as we anticipate surgery next week. The weather is warming up and the days are perfect for being outside. We are fully living in the opportunities that each day brings. I can’t tell you how full my heart is to spend time with all my guys at one time. We’re having lots of fun exploring nature, getting fresh air and just doing something a typical family does together.

Last weekend M got to go hiking three times. Each time he made a mad dash to the entrance of the trail and began his quest for the perfect hiking stick. Also, he once needed to find the best rock which could serve as a way to protect his mommy from the bad guys. I don’t know if I should be proud or worried that he came up with the idea to find a weapon all on his own. That remains to be seen. Just like many things in our lives.

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