First Day of Pre-K

Mac started pre-K last Thursday at First Foundations Preschool. The timing couldn’t be better. He’s ready for it. I’m ready for it. Though I’m sad my baby isn’t really a baby any more, it’s all in all a good thing.

Last week at Open House I debated on telling his new teacher about Nathan and our summer and how Mac is doing with things. I got an opportunity to pull her aside and give her a quick update. I managed to not cry up until the point when she told me that she has a son with special needs and if anyone understands, she does.

The way God continues to orchestrate things that encourage me, is simply amazing.

I am so, so grateful.

I’m also grateful he has three friends from church in his class. Hopefully they have loads of fun together without driving the teacher completely nuts!

He is so big. Take a look at these first day photos. He wanted to include Nathan, and of course Lovie Bear, in his first day of school photos. Super cute.

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