Fire Truck Pajama Brothers

My little fireman is training a rookie!

I am so proud of Mac. As some of you know we were going through lots of behavior issues when I was still pregnant and then in the first several weeks following Nathan’s birth. He quickly became insecure about what was happening after I was admitted twice prior to delivery. And I’m sure he was internalizing our incredibly strong emotions of anxiety, fear and sadness as we were uncovering Nathan’s diagnosis.

Since we’ve all been home (Nathan included) things have been much better. His little spirit seems more settled. We still have our bad moments but nothing like the regression he was having in early/mid summer.

I’m learning just how sweet he can be around Nathan. We tell him constantly that Nathan is his little brother so he can help tell us what Nathan needs. The other day he told my husband, “Nathan is crying cause he wants his g button out!” See that’s just how in tune he is!

He’s fabulous at grabbing me diapers, gauze, syringes. He basically knows all of Nathan’s medical supplies. And though, “I don’t like looking at his g button” is a commonly heard phrase around here, he’s an expert at priming Nathan’s feeding pump. Here’s some shots of that, though you can’t see what he’s doing I thought it was cute to get in the picture Nathan is looking at him:

I am enjoying listening to his one-way conversations with Nathan about how, “It’s okay. Baby Mickey is right here.” Or, “Do you want to play with my lovie till I get back.”

I hope this special brother relationship develops into something more beautiful than I can even imagine. Actually I’m counting on it.

I imagine…

Mac having a fierce, love, care and protection over Nathan.

Nathan demonstrating to Mac an unconditional love and acceptance matched only by God.

For now, we will just continue to enjoy Mac sharing his love for all things firemen with Nathan.

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