Feelin’ the Love

Mac was invited to his very first Valentine’s Day party and he had a blast! I put on his red firetruck shirt and we headed to Claire’s house to hand out Valentine’s Day treats to our little friends.

We enjoyed lunch together…sort of. Laura had the kids set up to eat at a little picnic table. They spent most of the time climbing on and off the table, flipping back off the table (since there was no back on the bench), and stealing each other’s food. Mac just picked up Claire’s sandwich and went to town. (Thanks for sharing Claire!) We also made Valentine’s for our Daddy which he very much enjoyed.

Here are some pics of Mac opening Valentine’s gifts from his grandparents. Books are ALWAYS a hit with this kid! Heck, check out how thrilled he is to be “reading” cards. I truly hope he’s inheriting my love for the written word. (Notice he somehow lost a sock mid-photo shoot.)

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