Father’s Day

Okay, so this post is way late but an important day nonetheless! my husband absolutely loved his first Father’s Day. He said that it was even more fun than his birthday. It was really fun for me to see him enjoy it so much.

That morning I made him pancakes for breakfast, which was a real hit. Then we opened gifts before heading off to church. At church everyone kept telling him, “Happy Father’s Day!” This made him especially happy because he said that on his birthday not everyone knows but almost everyone we ran into at church knew he was a dad this year. After church we went to Kona Grill which is one of his favorite Austin restaurants for sushi. He ordered a huge Tuna Tower. He got a nap and a swim in the pool that afternoon. Whew! What a day!

Here’s Mac helping Daddy open his Father’s Day gift. He got a “Top Dog” mug and a framed photo of Mac for his desk at work.

Feeding Mac at Kona Grill.

Mac fell asleep while we were eating. This is a rare thing now that he is older and prefers to sleep in his crib. It must have been part of the plan to make my husband’s Father’s Day extra special!

Daddy’s helper all day long. He’s just eyeing those keys. Notice my husband picked out his preppy little outfit too.

Proud Papa on his very first Father’s Day!

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