Easter Weekend

We did a LOT on Easter weekend. my husband’s parents came down to celebrate with us. The celebrating started on Thursday with my husband’s birthday. On Friday my husband and his dad painted our fence in the backyard. On Saturday we went to an Egg Hunt Extravaganza. Then of course on Sunday we celebrated the true meaning of Easter. It was fun and we made lots of memories.

As a kid we would spend most of Holy week reflecting on the events leading up to Christ’s death from palms on Palm Sunday to observing Last Supper on Thursday; a somber Good Friday service to a joyful sunrise service on Easter morning. Learning about Jesus’ last days created such a sense of anticipation for Easter morning. When Easter finally came it was incredibly celebratory and worshipful. I would like to build some of those traditions into our family in the future.

I want Mac to know that Easter is not about the eggs and the bunny. My mom bought him a great book called What is Easter? by Michelle Medlock Adams. I like the book so much I keep reading it to him even now that Easter is over. It ends by saying…

Okay, now I get it. The Easter Bunny is okay, And Easter eggs are fun. But Easter’s not about that stuff…

It’s all about God’s son.

We did still enjoy the Easter bunny and the Easter eggs and here are some pics:

Riding on the train.

Getting a tattoo.

Wondering what is on his hand.

One egg is really all he needed.

Once he got two eggs, he wouldn’t pick up more cause that meant putting it in the basket.

Finally put some in the basket but he had to be holding the basket.

Mama really wanted him to get his face painted like a bunny. Mac did not.

This is the only dot of paint he would allow on his face. No bunny baby for Mama.

He did surprisingly well sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap.

Checking out the chick.

Checking out the bunny.

Ready to get down.

Petting a real bunny.

Teething on the ride home.

Seriously, anything he could find to put in his mouth would do.

Tired bunny boy.

Grandpa’s hat for entertainment on the car ride home.

Easter morning.

Trying to put the sunglasses on himself.

Checking out the basket.

All dressed up and pouting.

He’s tired and we haven’t even left the house yet.

Family shot but we couldn’t get the littlest McClelland to smile.

Sprinkler from Aunt Debbie.

Happy Easter!

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