Don’t Forget Who You Are

It is important to remember who you are.

Before school started we sat him down to talk about what made him most excited and scared about the new school year. As we talked my husband and I affirmed his strengths–he’s creative, he’s a loyal friend, he’s super silly and super deep at the same time, he’s good at math and reading. Even though these things are his strengths he is a fallible human being, and like all of us, will not always be kind to his friends, will not always focus when the teacher is talking, and will sometimes give into the bully’s provocation.

Yet there is something about him that won’t change. Something that is deeper than his strengths. Something that is truer than his circumstances. And something that is based on who he is simply because he’s a valuable human being and he’s our son. He is deeply loved by his mom and dad. He is deeply loved by God. Nothing will ever change our love for him, ever. If he knows, without a drop of doubt in his mind, that he is loved it will affect the way he views himself and others. It will inform his actions towards others.

That’s true for us too. If we know how very loved we are, then we live out of a fullness of that love. We will be more generous, kind, thoughtful, and selfless. When we question who we are and whether or not we’re loved, we become mean spirited, insecure, critical and stingy.

Knowing who you are, and how loved you are, informs your thoughts about yourself and your actions towards others.

You are loved.

Don’t forget that when you leave the house.

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