Departure Delayed

Okay, hopefully tomorrow folks!

Yesterday was frustrating for all of us. For Nathan because he didn’t want to wait four hours to eat. He was also very gassy, which is a new problem. We were frustrated because we also had to wait to feed him and all day long it seemed like he was still hungry after his feeds. Momma’s instincts were suppressed big time.

Our doctor was very patient and understanding. He formulated a plan where from 6 am to 8 pm we can feed him on demand (within parameters). Then starting at 10 pm each night we start a continuous drip of food until 6 am. This allows him to get more overall volume and hopefully he will start packing on some more weight.

I feel much more prepared to bring him home tomorrow. If we would have gone home on the Q4 schedule I think I would have fallen off the wagon within the first few hours.

And look he’s learning how to sleep in his bed instead of someone’s arms all the time – a good new skill for coming home!

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