Cri du chat Awareness – Nathan’s Walking Skills

When we can, we make him walk.

He walks–with a walker–from the car to the therapy gym, from the car to the library, and he walks from the car to church. It’s good practice in addition to his two days a week of physical therapy. He also walks the big circle of classrooms at school.

When Nathan uses his walker, he will often head a different direction to see if he can meet some new people or explore a new room. I think he likes his independence. More of Nathan’s independence, requires more of Mom’s patience.

Nathan learning to walking truly is growing my patience. I have to motivate and encourage almost most every step. I either stand in front of him shaking his rattle ball. Or, I stand behind to give him a little push. I can’t wait till he can do this on his own. Or can I? What happens when he starts running?

But honestly this is one of the most exciting things happening right now with Nathan.

This video is from last fall but it’s one of my favorites because he nearly does it all by himself.

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