Cri du chat Awareness – Nathan’s Feeding Skills

Well yes.

And no.

It’s complicated.

Nathan still has his feeding tube and is using it to receive his complete nutrition. However, he has been doing really well with pureed foods and can eat about three tablespoons by mouth at any given mealtime until he fatigues. His favorites are hummus and guacamole. I try to blend up food that we have at dinner. For example, lasagna or a thick soup. If I simply can’t mash anything for him, he can eat stage two baby food though he doesn’t love it as much as something with a lot of flavor.

Nathan can also have the smallest bites of Puffs and Mum Mums, sometimes even graham crackers. This one has been fun for me. I love to watch him chase a Puff across his tray and work his fingers to get it to his mouth. It takes him a long time but it is helping him work on his pincer grasp and pointer finger.

He’s recently been cleared to drink honey thickened liquids from a little nosy cup. He thinks he is a big boy when he drinks from a cup and I love that it helps wash down food that he has a hard time managing to swallow.

It’s a lot of work to feed this cute little boy and he does occasionally gag on a Puff if he can’t move it laterally in his mouth, but he’s making progress.

This week at dinner I looked at him and his lips and tongue looked black. My husband jumped out of the chair to assess him and as he was pinching his fingers to check his capillary refill we noticed that his cuticles were also black. At which point I looked towards Mac who I remembered left a black marker on the kitchen floor earlier that day. Sure enough Nathan had a nice taste of a Crayola marker.

We react to everything as if it’s an emergency. Thankfully this time it was not.

I said to him in a stern voice, “Nathan, did you eat your brother’s marker?”

He nodded his head “yes.”

The other day Mac told me he thought it was time for me to teach him how to feed Nathan. So here’s the video of his first, by mouth, feeding.

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