Christmas Post…Finally!

I’m posting this before the end of January though I admit it is very late!

We spent Christmas in New Jersey with my family this year. It was great to all be together after two years of separate Christmases. My sister and brother in-law were there with their new baby, Noah, who was born the same day as Mac only one year later. My grandma was there along with my Uncle Dan. My parents have this beautiful house that is way too big for just the two of them but it fits us all perfectly when everyone comes home. Everyone got their own room including Mac. Well…I guess you could say he got his own room. He slept in my mom’s closet. It really worked wonderfully cause it was dark and cozy in there for nap times. my husband and I appreciated it at night so we didn’t have to tip toe around him when we went to bed. I am constantly amazed by how flexible my little guy is. He traveled as well as can be expected and adjusted to sleeping well too.

Instead of posting tons of Christmas pictures I am just going to give you this video of Mac on Christmas day. It is four and a half minutes long but I think it’s worth it…and good for some laughs!

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