Christmas Favorites

Here are my favorite Christmas videos of the boys. Such good memories.

N laughing.

M finding a “reindeer ear.”

Our neighbors found the antler and passed it along so we could stage a reindeer sighting. My favorite part is when he looks up at the roof to see if there’s any further evidence of the reindeer’s appearance.

And here are a few Christmas photos for family and friends far away. We missed seeing you.

This Christmas was different in my heart. Cri du Chat Syndrome was constantly in the back of my mind. I kept wondering what it will impose on our future Christmas’s as a family. What will we have to change for N? In what ways will N struggle to change for us? In some ways, it’s no different than being a part of a typical family. Family members have to adjust and adapt according to each other’s needs. It’s just that N’s needs are so great and I expect they will continue to be. It feels so imbalanced. It feels like our whole family will forever be lopsided and off kilter for this little guy who requires so much from us.

I know he’s a blessing. It’s just that I can’t see the future and the many ways he will enrich our lives. All I expect is for things to be challenging and hard. And for me to be tired and cynical. They already are challenging though. So far I haven’t grown any gray hair, started drinking heavily, or been carried away to the loony bin. M still acts like a typical preschooler and G is still going to work everyday. N even does some normal baby things and he surprises me by how well he has overcome illness. God is sustaining us with daily bread. We will be eating from it on into 2014.

“The Lord gives us daily, not weekly, bread. He gives strength according to our days, not our years. The work, the suffering, the joy are given according to His careful measure.” – A Path Through Suffering by Elisabeth Elliot

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