Choo Choo Matthew is Two!

The theme of this year’s birthday: trains.

He was so excited to see Thomas waiting for him when he woke up.

Plus, one super cool bike!

Just checking things out with Grampy.

Back to playing with Thomas.

Birthday breakfast.

A big Thomas from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Joe.

When his friends came over for his birthday party, Grampy was giving rides around the house.

Little man in the big chair opening his gifts.

Whoops, what fell?

Who says you can’t put the Mr. Potato head parts on yourself.

Wow, a TRAIN puzzle!

Eating birthday lunch with his friends.

Time for cake. But first he had to take Thomas off the top.

Dig in!

A doctor’s kit from Grandma and Grandpa. He already knew how to use the stethoscope from Daddy.

Checking his own ears. Now that’s skill folks!

Silly Grampy trying to get Mac to wear his Thomas hat.

Jammin’ the Elmo guitar from Aunt Carole and Uncle Robb.

Out to eat for birthday dinner.

The whole family on Mac’s birthday.

Daddy ended up wearing the birthday hat. That’s just what dads have to do sometimes.

He didn’t eat much dinner but he sure did have dessert!

Sweet birthday boy with Daddy.

Trying to stay still long enough for a picture with Mama is hard for a two year old!


My how time flies! It seems like just yesterday you were born and I was beholding you for the very first time. Now you are two years old. When I look at you I see the same little person that has been emerging from the first day I met you but you also surprise me in the ways you are developing, the opinions you are expressing, and your general disposition.

You are a talker! You make sure that I notice everything you say and often wait for me to repeat it. I know that you want to be heard. You also express your opinions about things. You say “No like it!” a lot but sometimes you cast your approval as well. You make sure to tell me when “I happy!” and “I silly!”

You don’t walk anywhere. You run. And you love being outside, especially with Ozzie. I am already racking my brain to think of things we can do outside next Spring before it gets to hot. You are also very brave and don’t let on too much if you get hurt. I expect a big dramatic scene when you fall or knock your head (cause that’s what your mom and dad tend toward). Not you. You just take it in stride. Either that or you have a super high pain tolerance.

You don’t have much of an appetite. Everyone says that’s common for toddlers but this is especially the case for you. I try to not take it personally that you don’t like my cooking but honestly, unless it’s something sweet and sugary and ice creamish, you really have better things to do than eat.

You love to read books with Mommy and Daddy. That’s one way we are similar. Everyone in this family loves to read and you can often convince us to read lots at bedtime especially because we enjoy it so much.

I love you Mac. I am so glad that God put you in my life. You have challenged me in whole new ways and you have brought me greater joy. I look forward to seeing you grow in this next year of your life.

Love, Mama

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