Chicago – In and Out

Last weekend we went to Chicago to celebrate my husband’s 40th – this was my birthday present to him. We left early Saturday morning (and when I say “early” I mean the middle of the night which is very hard to do with an infant). We got home late Monday morning and my husband did a sprint to get to work by noon. It was worth it…my husband says so too!

It was sooo good to see friends. It had been well over a year since we came home. Although it was a short trip it was soul filling to be with the people that know us so well. Here are some of the pictures from my husband’s birthday party:

(This last one is the guys goofing around with Nelson’s weed wacker in the parking lot. Chris, can you please come down to Austin and help us with ours? It’s also on the fritz!)

On Sunday we spent some time with my husband’s family. Here are some of the pictures of Mac meeting his cousins for the very first time:

Late Sunday afternoon we went to the Johnson’s for a BBQ. I forgot to take pictures there but it was so fun. I could have stayed forever. Thank you Johnson’s for hosting us. It was a treat. I loved getting to see everyone two days in a row. Looking forward to seeing you all in July!

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