Chicago and Michigan Vacation

Nine days up north pretty much wore us out! Vacationing is not what it used to be when you have an eight month old to lug along. He was a great sport though. He slept in three different Pack N’ Plays throughout the trip and met lots of new faces everyday. Here is a collection of photos from the trip.

All of us Simpson girls plus Mac getting ready to go to the shower.

Playing with Aunt Carole. I think he has his eye on a balloon.

Playing with straps is also a favorite. Notice there are also toys hanging there but he chooses the straps.

Or the shoe laces.

Ah, someone is quite a fan of parties!

Mac with Auntie Beth.

Swinging in the hammock with mama and daddy.

Mac’s very first boat ride. He had no idea what was going on or why he had to wear the big, bulky life jacket.

Getting a picture with Captain Uncle Robb.

Daddy up on skis. Mommy was so bummed she couldn’t go this year after just having surgery. Next year for sure!

Spending some good quality time with GG.

Everyone’s ready for the picture except Mac.

Four generations.

On our way back from Michigan we stopped to visit my husband’s Uncle Dave and Aunt Betty on their farm.

Playing with Aunt Betty.

my husband picked some beautiful cherries.

This is Mac at Cosley Zoo.

This is everyone taking pictures of Mac at Cosley Zoo…not the animals!

We had lunch with the Moorhouse’s and my husband got to dance with Rylee.

Then we stayed with the Riddle’s for a couple of days. This is Ashlyn holding Mac.

And Autumn putting on a show for us. We saw many shows when we were with the Riddles. Though he doesn’t look into it in this picture, Mac was very curious about what the older kids were doing and constantly watching.

He may not look it in this picture, but he was crabby upon coming home from vacation. It’s taken about a week to adjust but I think we’re back on track with naps.

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