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Gosh it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog! We’ve had places to go and people visiting. Plus my hard drive crashed, which set me back for a little bit. I am so glad that I recently backed up all of our photos and videos of Mac. I don’t know why I didn’t back up the rest of my documents. I must have “mom brain” or something.

Here are some of the highlights from the past month or so. This onesie is courtesy of Uncle Frank.

Ozzie and Mac are getting more familiar with each other – and by that I mostly mean Ozzie. One day I walked into the family room and found Oz pushed right up against Mac’s blanket.

Don’t get me wrong. Oz is still jealous of Mac from time to time. Note how he is looking at Mac in this picture. Sometimes when he looks at him it’s almost like he’s thinking, “Why are you still here?”

And another one… Poor Oz! He used to be the only one getting attention. Now he has to share the love.

Mac has been learning how to hold his head up in the Bumbo seat. It has been a progression as his neck control grows stronger and stronger. Initially we had to help him hold it up.


The sideways position. He’s trying to get his thumb in his mouth.

From the front…

Here are some shots of Father-son time. Mac rarely gets a bottle, and is taking it less and less easily, but when he does it’s a special moment with Daddy.

Now that the weather is warmer we’ve been taking Mac for walks.

Tummy time is not Mac’s favorite but usually if you prop some interesting things up in front of him he’ll last a little longer before the wimpering starts.

He’s started to grab things and is very proud of himself.

Bath time is a very special time with Daddy. Every night they get to bond during bath time.

A little post-bath cuddle.

Part of my husband’s Valentine’s Day gift was coming home to this…

It actually snowed here in February.

This was Ozzie’s first experience in the snow.

We even got accumulation…on our weeds.

He passed the “snow test” in case we move back north someday. I think he’ll survive.

This is the BEST smile I’ve been able to capture on camera. I love seeing this kiddo smile.

Here’s another good one wearing his Chicago Bears outfit.

Daddy loves his outfit. Such a serious little Bear.

Auntie Beth came to visit us for a week in February. Mac LOVES his Auntie Beth.

When Auntie Beth was here we mostly hung out, drank lots of coffee and did little shopping trips.

Look how much Mac loves Auntie Beth.

I’ve started some sewing projects again. A new bed for Ozzie was one of my latest creations.

I also sewed some elastic into my husband’s scrubs so he would stop losing his pants at work. Here’s both the boys dressed for work.

This was Mac’s first trip to Starbucks. It’s important to start them young!

He spent the whole time sucking on his little mouse. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, goes in this kids mouth right now.

Grammy and Grampy came to visit the beginning of March. They are such proud first time grandparents.

I love this one of him peeking over gramps’ shoulder.

He’s started to hug this “lovie bear” while sucking his thumb.

I really love this little boy so much. He gets kissed ALL the time!

We are really enjoying being a family of three…plus a goofy dog!

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