Big Lessons from Little Hearts this Halloween

Halloween was somewhat of a bust this year. A cold front blew in right as the trick-or-treaters were getting ready. Rain fell. Soon after it began to thunder and lightening. We went up and down our street once and then took Nathan inside to go to bed.

Despite the weather conditions, it was good.

One of our little neighbor girls began to take Nathan’s pumpkin bag and run it up to the doors to get him candy.

Her mom told her it was nice that she was getting Nathan candy.

She replied, “He can’t get it himself.”

Her mom said, “Why do you think that is?”

She said, “I don’t know. But I just know he needs me to help him.”

Such a sweet heart. The heart of a four-year-old. I wish my actions were more compelled by the needs of others. Even if I don’t fully understand the situation, that I would be willing to go the extra mile to care for someone who I intuitively knew needed my help.

We can learn big lessons from little hearts. 

Happy Belated Halloween from the Star Wars fam.

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