Beauty in Broken Dreams Launches on Amazon!

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. In second grade I wrote a bazillion stories for our Young Author’s Club at school. In high school I became a yearbook editor and spent countless hours on feature pages. Then I went on to intern and work at various publishing companies throughout my career. I was a marketer and my job was to get people to buy books, not write them. But deep down I wondered if I had a story in me.

During a Listen to Your Life class that I took over a decade ago I remember writing in my journal, I think God wants me to write. But I don’t want to. It’s too hard.

What followed was seven years of writer’s block. I didn’t feel I had anything significant to say.

Then Nathan was born and I could. not. stop. writing.

I finally did it! I wrote a book and it just launched through Amazon.

This humble book is the result of many early Saturday mornings with just me, my computer, and a cup of coffee. I wrote and recorded everything I could remember from Nathan’s first year of life. I didn’t want to forget a single memory–good or bad. I also began to log each and every resource and person I found along the way. I organized the information into lists and questionnaires–a format that I hope will help others on their journey.

Beauty in Broken Dreams is part memoir, part guidebook. It’s my hope that this book will help guide other parents through the early years of a special needs diagnosis. I’ve never felt so alone and ill-equipped than I did when we received Nathan’s diagnosis. I would have devoured a book like this and I think it will speak to new special needs parents in a unique and helpful way.

Truly this book is the story of how God took something that I saw as devastating, and turned it into something more beautiful and redemptive than I could have imagined in those early days.

We are only four years into this journey; this is just the beginning. I have no doubt God will continue to transform our family in this very difficult, yet very beautiful, process.

My book, Beauty in Broken Dreams: A Hopeful Handbook for the Early Years as a Special Needs Parent, is now available on Amazon!

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