Beautifying the House

I’ve been using a new decorating accessory that I absolutely love. It’s called Uppercase Living. It’s vinyl wall art or custom expressions. The reason I love it so much is it’s easy-to-use, relatively inexpensive, and it personalizes your room in an instant. I created a phrase for Mac’s nursery that corresponds with his lambie theme.

I added a little lamb but am not sure if it takes away from the expression too much. I may have to reposition him. Anyway, the lamb was only $5! The icons are $1 per inch of width and this little guy was 5 inches! Love him!

I also got a subtle expression for our entryway.

Up close view.

We seem to have a lot of big blank wall space in our home and most of it remains the color of builder’s paint. (I’m working on choosing colors, it’s just taking a while.) It has been so fun to play with these expressions as a way to fill walls without framing pictures and things.

Not only does UL do the lettering but decorative flourishes and designs. They also have lots of holiday decor that is easy to put up and take down. I am hosting a party at my house one week from today. Let me know if you’re interested in coming. Even if you can’t come or live far away I can still put you down for an order. Here is the demonstrator’s website:

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