Anything is Possible

“Anything is possible in a world in which a Jewish carpenter can rise from the dead.” – Kathryn Hepburn, The Lion in the Winter (1968 film)

For weeks I’ve been pacing the aisles at Target for little gifts and goodies to put in Easter baskets. Yesterday my oldest came home from preschool with a bag full of Easter eggs. Now, it’s time to focus on this holiday, not of death, but of the resurrection and the power of it all.

Mac has been telling me that his favorite characteristic of God is that he is powerful. He says it with such emphasis. God’s Powerful! And he talks about it often. Probably because he can relate to Jesus as a superhero, which is a really big deal when you’re four.

He reminds me that yes, God really is all powerful. How often do I dismiss His power when I expect things to not change or to go a certain way?

The resurrection of Jesus was very unexpected. The disciples, those closest to him, did not expect for Christ to come back to life. Even after they saw the empty tomb. They simply went back home. And Jesus’ whole life and ministry and death was not at all what the Jews were certain would happen when the Messiah came back.

How often do I doubt God’s power by my own expectations and plans? I need to stop lowering my expectations of God and what He will do in Nathan’s life. I want Him to work in powerful and beautiful and redemptive ways just like he’s been doing for over 2000 years.

Then we got home from dinner tonight.

And something unexpected happened.

Not like Jesus rising from the dead unexpected, but like our lawn got peeped! Watch this video to see how surprised I was, how M went from chattering to silent, and just ignore my husband shouting in the background (it’s a long story).

The sMiles4Sammy organization that is doing their annual fundraiser (which you can still sign up for) on Nathan’s birthday peeped our lawn! They didn’t just put a few peeps in the lawn but completely covered the whole yard with eggs and candy and peeps! They have blessed us in more ways then I can count.

When my husband posted these pictures to Facebook he said, “Thank you sMiles4Sammy for taking your pain and sharing joy!” How true also of Jesus and the even greater story of Easter. His pain provided us a way for great joy. Anything – incredible things – are possible with an all powerful God as the author.

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