An End of Summer Thank You

This is a prayer that a dear friend emailed me the beginning of June. It is packed full of petitions to The Lord on our behalf. I find myself longing to believe and pray the words she so beautifully crafted. So I read it often and pray it again and again.

Jesus, I pray that little Nathan is growing stronger with every passing day, and that he is getting the nourishment and touch that he needs. I pray for the minor complications and normal development – both physical and mental. I pray for strength and wisdom for my husband and Kathy, for the long road they see before them, and that they would ultimately open their hands to your plan and provision. I pray for Mac, in this time of transition and many caretakers, that he would be obedient and patient… and as he becomes a big brother, that you prepare his little heart to have a deeper well of compassion, and that being a big brother to Nathan would develop an even greater strength and fortitude of his personal faith, and a new understanding of God’s love. For Kathy in particular, I pray for wholeness and peace, for times of solitude and seeking in the busyness and worrying, and for an army of friends and strangers who will serve as your hands to guide and steer, hold close and warm, and lift up their family. Would this summer be a life-giving summer, and a constant reminder of your goodness and mercy. Jesus, you have all power and authority in this world of yours, and we pray that Your will be done. That we will trust in you when we are afraid, and You will show yourself mighty and strong to save.

This prayer reveals all of the cracks and crevices of my weak and fickle faith. The most shocking to me about this prayer – even more so than praying Nathan have normal development – is that she prays for a “life giving” summer. Impossible. During that time, I was shut up in the hospital during the day, running home to put Mac to bed at night, struggling to eat anything because of lack of appetite and pumping around the clock. Nothing about my circumstances felt like summertime. Definately not the memorable summer I was hoping for.

Now Mac is starting pre-school and we are looking toward fall. I’m able to look back on the summer and see ways God sustained us with life and light in the midst of darkness. He used the hands and feet of you to answer this prayer.

Delivering homemade meals.

Dropping off our favorite carry out meals.

Picking up groceries.

Holding Nathan in the NICU when we couldn’t be there.

Leaving behind snacks to refuel us while were at the hospital.

Coming to visit us at the hospital and bringing lunch.

Cleaning our house so that we would come home to vacuumed floors and picked up toys. Most importantly, clean bathrooms!

Folding piles and piles of laundry, including our underwear!

Mowing and edging our lawn multiple times in the 100+ degree heat.

Hosting super fun play dates for Mac – he didn’t have to go to a single doctor appointment for Nathan all summer!

Sending lots of gift cards to nearby restaurants all the way from my parents’ neighbors in Pawleys Island, SC.

Throwing a pearl necklace fundraiser and a kid’s lemonade stand to help cover our expenses. This completely overwhelms me.

And I know there is more I’m failing to mention.




YOU were the answer to Sarah’s prayer that our summer be life giving!

I’ve been wanting to find a way to thank you all because I haven’t written a single thank you note.

Please know that we appreciate every last thing you have done to serve and love us during this difficult time. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone, but I do wish that everyone could experience the love of friends and family the way that we have. It’s been incredible. Very life-giving.

I hope that one day we are able to give back. The way you have loved us has, hopefully, taught me how to better serve and give.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help.

Thank you for being the answer to prayer.

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