An Amazing Story

I came across this incredible story yesterday. Apparently a mother was able to revive her premature son after holding him for two hours kangaroo style. He was pronounced dead after being born at 27 weeks. This story really hit home for me after delivering Mac prematurely and also from reading up on attachment theory. It underscores how important it is for babies to be held and communicated with very early on.

It’s ten months later and I am still haunted by such a traumatic delivery. Yeah, everything turned out okay but I still regret not being able to see, let alone hold Mac, for 27 hours after he was born. Once I saw him I was told not to even stroke him because it was too overstimulating so I stood there awkwardly holding my index finger to his tiny cheek. It all felt strange and unnatural. I don’t recall exactly how long but I didn’t get to hold him until a couple days after he was born. Once I was able to get my hands on him I spent a lot of time with him kangaroo style. I still can’t get enough cuddles from this kiddo.

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