All Things Pumpkin

Last weekend we did all things pumpkin! Nothing like holding out for Halloween weekend to get us in the spirit in a hurry. On Saturday morning we went to Sweet Berry Farms with some families from church. It was our first time out there. The route we took to get there was so beautiful. There weren’t bright and vibrant colors on the trees like there are up north but the rolling hills were beautiful. I kept telling my husband how surprised I was that this hill country landscape was so close to us. Mac fell asleep in the car and my husband and I enjoyed a nice conversation all the way out to the farm. Once we got there we took a TON of pumpkin pictures! Too bad I can’t get him to look at the camera anymore.

Gettin’ dirty on the farm.

I had to dress him in all orange including the socks.

Feeding the goats with Daddy.

He pulled away quickly in this one. It was a very aggressive goat who stuck his head all the way through the fence.

We enjoyed pumpkin ice cream too. Now that Mac can eat ice cream I think he ate most of our cup.

Tired to get a picture of our little cowboy. This was the best of the bunch. Too young to get the concept.

Family shot. It really was an enjoyable trip.

Since we were at the pumpkin patch in the morning you would think we would have bought our pumpkin there, but no. We got ours at HEB for lots more money! Neither one of us thought to go to the ATM before going to the farm. I mean…I thought everyone took a debit card but not the farm! Oh well. We still carved our pumpkin that afternoon.

Next, we stood on our front porch trying to get Mac to sit next to the pumpkin and smile at the camera. Well good luck with that!

We had so much fun taking his picture that we did it again the next night in his lion costume.

He loved his pumpkin so much he wouldn’t let go of it all up and down the street trick or treating! Such a cute and snuggly little lion we have. All week I tried to teach him how to roar! No luck. He’s still such a good little lion.

On Halloween we also went to Mac’s birthday week buddy, Claire’s, party. Here’s my best shot of all the kiddos together. I don’t know if you could really call it a “best” shot when they are all whining but it’s the best I got.

I had so much of the fun fall feeling in me that I made Soup and Pumpkin Bread for dinner. Yum Yum!

I’ll leave you with a little Halloween video of Mac…

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