Actual Birthday

Our dear friend Amy came to visit us last week. She originally came because she got tickets to see Sufjan Stevens the night before Mac’s birthday. The way things shaped out with the tickets, she gave them to my husband and me and stayed with Mac! What a good friend to fly all the way down to Texas to babysit! I wouldn’t have accepted if she hadn’t been so adamant. Really, what’s just how generous she is.

Here is Mac greeting Ames in his Chicago Cubs outfit.

On Mac’s big day we played with Amy until my husband got home from work early! It was so much fun. First, we made crepes with Nutella for breakfast. Ames and I went to Paris together about eight years ago. We weren’t there that long but I think we pretty much lived on crepes for the few days that we stayed. Yum yum! Mac thinks so too!

I tried to get some pictures of him in front of his gifts but he wouldn’t sit still long enough. He even started to peak inside some of the gift bags.

Later, he enjoyed ripping into some of his presents. The process took a very long time however because he wanted to play with the paper more than the toy inside. I think it took us three days to open all of his gifts. Why not string it out as long as possible, right!? You only turn one once!

Thanks for the super cool sweater Auntie Beth and Uncle Frank. I can’t wait for it to cool down so he can wear it!

Who doesn’t love a good book!

He really enjoyed the cards too. I think they resemble books and that’s why he like them so much.

Chicago Bears shirt from Amy!

After opening (some) presents we headed downtown to Mozarts where Mac got to enjoy his very first serving of Amy’s ice cream.

Got milk?

Mac is all grown up so we took him to a bar for his birthday dinner! Seriously, he enjoyed all of the people cheering on the Texas Rangers.

And then we gave him another cupcake for his birthday. This time one with chocolate frosting. He loved it.

The best birthday present of all was a cousin! Mac’s cousin Noah was born on the very same day. So when I say they are a year apart, they are exactly a year apart! We are so excited to meet Noah and can’t wait for them to play together as they grow up.

Happy Birthday Munchie. We love you and are so glad you are one year old.

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