A Unique Path

I’m starting to get more antsy about bringing Nathan home. There are some sick kiddos here. Every time I see the four month old a couple of doors down I think, “Oh please, let us out soon cause I don’t want to keep missing these sweet moments at home.” The babies here are a big reminder of how not normal we are. Though you would expect to find some company with the other parents, I think everyone is so emerged in their own circumstances, it’s hard to make time to relate.

It is amazing though all of the people I have just met in the last six weeks. We have so many favorite nurses, several of which I have their personal cell numbers. I regularly talk and text with a mom I’ve never met because her baby had significant feeding issues and needed a G tube just a couple of months ago. Our PT is so empathetic that she has cried alongside me twice. Our neonatologist, in addition to providing great care, has shared with us how Nathan has had his own little ministry to the staff here. Our paths would never have crossed with all these amazing people had it not been for this little baby. He certainly is leading us down a unique path.

It’s hard to imagine what life will be like out of the hospital but there’s no doubt it will be different – sometimes scary and sometimes an adventure. From the looks of this little guy and in the words of the neo we should be heading out “in several more days.”

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