A Place of Perfection

Ever since Nathan’s birth and diagnosis I’ve found myself longing for eternal things in a whole new way. It’s like I am just beginning to accept the fact that I’m not supposed to have the perfect life down here. It’s reserved for me in heaven. I knew that intellectually before but my heart longs for perfection so much. I’ve been trying to attain it on earth. That’s not at all the purpose of my life. Instead I wait for that while I work out my gift of salvation down here. (Philippians 2:12)

This is such a good reminder in light of a frustrating week.

“Remember that you are ‘enroute’ to heaven, and let your problems fade in the light of eternity.” – Sarah Young

And since I don’t want to post without leaving you a picture, check out these two boys. They are such gifts to me. I love watching N when M is around because all he does is search and search for him. He tries to take in everything that big brother is doing.

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