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Hi friends and family,

I am happy to report that this past Tuesday at 9:47 am our little boy arrived. His name is Mac Scott McClelland and he weighed 4 lbs 14 oz. The reason for the low weight is he was a preemie at 34 weeks. The short version of the story is Kathy started bleeding Monday night. We later learned that she had developed preeclampsia, had a partial abruption, developed HELLP syndrome and then the partial abruption turned into a full abruption and we went for a C-section urgently.

Kathy is having some blood pressure problems and is still quite swollen and is quite anemic but is beginning to feel better. She seems to have taken a nice turn today and should go home tomorrow. Mac is in the NICU and is doing fairly well. He has lots of preemie issues like his heart rate going too low, he has stopped breathing rarely and feeding difficulties. Overall he is doing well given his gestational age. He should be fine just needs lots of support and monitoring for a while. We have heard that he’ll be in the NICU anywhere from about 2 weeks from birth or all the way up until his due date which was November 27th. I sure hope its sooner than late November but I know he is getting great care.

One of the most tender and exciting moments was yesterday morning. At that point, Mac was 4 days old and I still hadn’t held him in my arms due to preemie limitations. The nurse asked if I wanted to hold him. I had to take her up on that! It was great to finally hold him and such a sweet moment- he may be the baby but I was the one tearing up at that point. It has been such a rough year with pregnancy issues and I doubted at times if I’d ever hold him.

Thanks for all your support. Prayers for Mac and Kathy’s health would be great. Also I’ll go back to work on Tuesday so please pray I don’t pass any germs onto them from all the sick kiddos that I see.

With love and appreciation, my husband and Kathy

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