A Memorable Memorial Day

My sister and brother in-law came to visit us over Memorial Day with their little boy, Noah. Mac and Noah are exactly one year apart to the day. We both think it’s fun they share the exact same birthday. What are the chances!? We had a ton of fun and took a zillion pictures. I decided to collage some of the events of the weekend and post in batches. (Click on the collage to see in a larger view.) Enjoy!

This is the boys first meeting after waking up from naps. Take notice of the last two pictures when Mac has had enough and decides to get up and go. Noah is just mesmerized with Mac the whole time.

One of the things Frank really wanted to do during their visit was tour the campus of UT. In the last two years that we’ve lived here my husband and I have never done a tour ourselves. So we headed out early to avoid the heat and enjoyed the beautiful campus. You’ll have to look closely in the bottom left picture to see that yes, my husband took a turtle out of the turtle pond for Mac to see and he thought it was really funny. I thought it was pretty funny that my husband spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how to get “turtle germs” off his hands. Good thing there was a faucet and hand sanitizer at the ready.

Here are pictures of boys in the kiddie pool together. This pool is really designed for one but they did pretty good in there together. Mac hovered over Noah a lot but didn’t get him too super wet. I was impressed by how gentle he was around a baby.

Auntie Beth brought Mac some super fun bubbles from Gymboree. They last longer than normal bubbles. While Noah was napping they tried ’em out. Mac didn’t quite get the concept of blowing bubbles but oh well!

The Diaper Dance! These were taken right before bath time. I love seeing the two of them together and hope they grow up to be good friends as well as family members.

Shots with mommies and daddies, aunties and uncles.

“Playing together.” As much as is possible anyway. Again, I was so impressed by how gentle Mac was with Noah. There was only one exception when I said, “Don’t hit Noah on the head with your hammer.” What did he do? Hit Noah on the head with his hammer. I guess we’re still working on learning the meaning of “don’t.”

Family pictures at the Salt Lick BBQ (plus one of the two of them in their car seats side-by-side). Such a great and memorable visit. I’m so glad they came and I can’t wait to get the boys together again this summer, and selfishly, get more sister time in to! Love you guys!

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