A Family Christmas

Adding Mac this Christmas made it feel even more important to think about our family traditions. Being that he was just nine weeks old the week of Christmas didn’t allow us to implement everything, but we gave a lot of thought to what we’d like them to be:

  1. Celebrate the Advent season as a family by lighting candles weekly. my husband got me an advent candle wreath as part of my Christmas present this year so now we have no excuse for not taking time to read the story of Christ’s birth in the month leading up to Christmas, which is what the season is all about!

  2. Purchase two type of gifts for each other (we’ve done this the last two years). One meaningful gift that requires a lot of thought and one basically fun gift that we think the other person would like. I mentioned that my husband got me an Advent wreath while I made him a book about our love story on Shutterfly: http://thelovestoryofus.shutterfly.com/

  3. Attend the Christmas Eve service at church. I think we may need to make it a practice to drink hot chocolate before the service as my husband got a little cranky when he saw the line. He was looking forward to the hot chocolate for a long time.

  4. Go through stockings first thing Christmas morning in our PJs, enjoy Grammy Simpson’s egg casserole and then get dressed for some serious present opening. Even though Mac had no clue what was going on this year – in fact, he slept through most of it – the majority of the gifts under the tree were for him. We owe this largely to both sets of very generous grandparents.

  5. Driving around looking at Christmas lights. This year we when to the famous 37th street in Austin. It wasn’t as spectacular as it was built up to be but I’m still glad we went.

  6. Bonus (if I can convince my husband): Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve. I actually enjoyed a lot of the Christmas specials this year thanks to our DVR. We both fell in love with “Prep and Landing” and hopefully will watch that one again. Ironically the movie title is now what we call getting Mac ready for bed. my husband goes into the mode when I say “It’s time for Prep and Landing.”

A family portrait – too bad Mac is crying and my hair is sticking up! This all too often is what we look like around here. 🙂

Here’s a good one of the two “babies.”

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