A Different Beautiful

What I most want to say is, please read this book. Whether you have any ties to the special needs community or not, it’s relevant to anyone. It’s relevant to anyone who has struggled to understand how something beautiful can come from something painful. 

Courtney tells the captivating story of her discovering her daughter’s rare, and life threatening, skin condition at birth. She fights hard to understand God’s plan in her daughter’s medical issues, which cause her to look so different from other little girls. What God defines as beautiful is so different from how our culture defines beauty. As a result Courtney ends up filling the pages with God’s redemption. This is a story of courage, hope, and true beauty. She helps us understand how beauty is so much deeper than “skin deep.”

Back in 2006, I named this blog All Things Beautiful. How could I have known how meaningful that name would be several years later as Nathan’s story unfolded before me? He looks and acts different from your typical three-year-old, but I am discovering his life and purpose is very beautiful. Much like Courtney, I am embracing A Different Beautiful.

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