A Celebration Without Cake

Of course the highlight of every 1st birthday party is the cake. Proud parents hover and giggle and snap way too many pictures of baby enjoying his first dose of sugar. They delight in said baby – who as he enters a sugar induced trance – begins to smear frosting all over his face and smash cake crumbs deep into the crevices of his high chair. And the only way to recover baby from the mess is pick up him and dunk him directly in the bathtub. I know this because I’ve been that mother, at that birthday party.

In just two short months N will be one year old. I am dreading that day. I’m expected to celebrate the one year mark of what catapulted me into the most terrifying and agonizing days, weeks, and months of my life. While I’ve been obsessing with how to throw on a happy face and host a birthday party for a one-year-old who doesn’t eat [cake] by mouth, this weekend I got an email from an organization that has been very dear to our hearts over the last year, sMiles 4 Sammy. This organization supports families of medically fragile children. They are hosting their annual 5K/1K fundraiser at the track located behind our neighborhood on N’s birthday!

To me it’s the perfectly appropriate way to celebrate the baby who would change our life in so many ways. His fragile life forced us to look for strength in God and our community. That’s why we would really love it if all you locals would come and celebrate N’s life through this event and also help raise money for this amazing organization. You don’t have to be a runner to participate. You can walk and chat, stroll your kids, run your way to victory, or simply wait at the finish line. Whatever suits you. Your presence is what is important to us.

Let’s show everyone what a true celebration can look like…without cake!

Saturday May 31st @ Vista Ridge High School Track

Start: 8:00 am – 5K Timed Run 9:15 am – 1K Ranger Trek for kids 9:45 am – 5K Awards Ceremony

Register under “Team Nathan” before April 15th

for the discounted rate of $22.

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