3 Great Movies on Disability

These three movies show the different sides of disability. Disability can appear at birth or through accident or illness. Whenever it does, it is shocking and disorienting. Each of these inspiring stories taught me something about Nathan’s disabilities and how I respond to him.

The Crash Reel

This is a documentary about legendary snowboarder Kevin Pearce. When a terrible crash caused him a traumatic brain injury he was no longer able to snowboard. The injury changed his cognitive abilities and motor function. He and his family had to learn to adapt. This family is no stranger to disability however, as Kevin’s older brother has Down Syndrome. This story gives you a unique perspective on disability told through the eyes of two different people.

The Dropbox

A documentary about a pastor in Korea who takes in abandoned babies, many of whom have disabilities. It was hard for me to watch but made me realize the sacrifice of raising my own son is nothing compared to the way this man is giving his life to care for the very least of these. Challenging to say the least.

Still Alice

This is a story about an intelligent, successful, and highly active  woman. At 50, she receives a diagnosis of early on-set Alzheimer’s. This movie is both thought-provoking and emotional. The ending is not nicely tied up, as these types of diagnoses often aren’t in real life.

Our pastor once said that your memories and your beliefs make up who you are. This movie makes you wonder who you are when the memories are gone? As I said, very thought-provoking.

Do you have any favorite movies on disability? 

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