18 Month Well Check

I am sad to report that we took no photos at the pediatrician’s office this time. 🙁 It was sort of a “thing” we did but we completely forgot today. Must be because this time we were focused on wrangling a toddling kiddo wearing only a diaper in the exam room. It was pretty funny to see how differently he interacted with Dr. Holmes this visit. Once he warmed up, he started handing Dr. H toys and smiling at him. I feel sooo much better about where Mac is at developmentally since the last visit. It’s amazing how much improvement he has done in the last few months. We would still like to see this 20 lb, 13 oz kid gain some weight but overall, a great visit!

I can’t believe my baby is 18 months today! Recently I’ve decided my job as mom is to both be a cheerleader with loads of encouragement and a consistent disciplinarian for him all at the same time. It is exhausting but I am so pleased my child no longer pulls cords out of the outlets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told him, “That’s not good!” for doing it. A lot! Honestly, I think he is proud too. Sometimes he looks like he’s tempted and then looks at me like, “I’m not doing it mom.”

Happy 1 1/2 birthday sweet boy!

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