15 Month Well Check

We had our 15 month well visit yesterday at the pediatrician. I really, really thought Mac hit the 20 lb mark but he did not. 🙁 19 lbs 10 oz. I feel like all I do is try to feed this kid but he’s still not gaining like we want him to! We may need to send him back to his Grammy’s house because I think he likes her cooking better than mine. 🙂

The positive side of things is that he gained about a pound since his last weight check a couple of months ago. Also, once we adjusted him back six weeks due to being a preemie he was actually on the chart again. We would like him to be a bit higher on the chart so we’re going to keep offering sour cream by the spoonfuls (yes, I really do that and he likes it) and potatoes with gravy and anything else creamy and yummy with veggies hidden inside.

We’ve decided to wait until his 18 month visit before we sent him to an endocrinologist for an evaluation or do anything about the teeth that he STILL doesn’t have! We are going to try to get him a referral for some early childhood intervention. I’m not that worried about his development but his father, who does this for a living, said that we should take advantage of any sort of therapy he would qualify for since he’s a little delayed. I prefer to think of this as God just stretching out my time with him as a baby. I really enjoy the “itty bittiness” of him though I really do think my itty bitty will be walking soon and I hope he’ll be walking before we leave for Africa!

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